About Us

Here at RigStrips, we are absolutely passionate about the great outdoors and all of the adventures that it has to offer. After all, we are a team of skiing, fishing, hunting, and mountain biking fanatics located in the prestigious Rocky Mountains of Colorado - and we're outside. A lot.

The story of RigStrips™ began one perfect winter morning in the parking lot of Keystone Ski Resort. Excited for what was sure to be an epic powder day, we parked the car and began the usual pre-shred routine.

We pull the skis down from the roof rack, carefully rest them on the side of the vehicle, and proceed to put our boots on.

Breathing in the fresh mountain air, everyone is thinking the same thing ...

"Ahh, another day on the slopes - nothing can ruin this day. Nothing.


The dreaded sound of brand new skis sliding off the side panel of the car and pounding hard into the asphalt. Absolutely cringeworthy.

But let's just rewind for a minute...

We’ve all been there - right before you lean your skis or board against the car, there’s a little voice in your head that asks “wait, is this a good idea”?

You ignore that voice and lean those sharp edges right against the shiny car paint (can you believe that this is normal?) and hope for the best. Sometimes you get lucky, but sometimes your gear comes crashing down onto the ground leaving a nasty scratch behind.

It’s loud, it’s embarrassing, it can cause expensive damage, and it’s completely UNNECESSARY.

So that's when we invented our flagship product, the SnoStrip™ - an industry first, patent-pending car ski mount that helps keep both your vehicle and skis/snowboards safe while you enjoy prepping for another day on the slopes, or having a few beers with your friends tailgate-style!

Friends, don’t be that one in the parking lot causing a scene. Just slap a RigStrip™ onto your ride, and gear up with confidence knowing that your gear and car are safe and scratch free!

It's our companies #1 mission to provide you with truly innovative, top-notch products backed by even better customer support. If you are not satisfied, we are not satisfied. That said, If you ever have any questions, feel free to hit us up from our contact page and we will be sure to get back to you within 24 hours.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your RigStrips™ today, and get out there are enjoy the outdoors.

Happy shredding, biking, hunting, and fishing!

RigStrips Team