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New design
Magnetic SnoStrip®
Magnetic & Adhesive versions

Ski and snowboard edges fit into specialized grooves to keep them held upright and away from your car paint.

Tested in all weather conditions at highway speeds

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Magnetic SunStrip
Weatherproof magnetic design stays attached to car paint without causing any damage

7 Fishing rods
2 Firearms
1 Mountain Bike
0 paint scratches!

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Protect your car

We’ve all been there - right before you lean your gear against that car, there’s a little voice in your head that asks “wait, is this a good idea”?

You ignore that voice and lean against the shiny car paint (can you believe that this is normal?) and hope for the best.  Sometimes you get lucky, but sometimes your gear comes crashing down onto the ground leaving a nasty scratch behind and taking heavy damage.

It’s loud, it’s embarrassing, it can cause expensive damage, and it’s UNNECESSARY.  Don’t be that one in the parking lot.  Stick a SnoStrip® or SunStrip onto your ride, and lean on worry free.

Trusted by Thousands

Show us how you strip!

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"Works exactly as described. Holds my skis in snug so I don't have to worry about them scratching my car"

Charles F.
Durango, CO

When I'm biking, not having to flip my bike upside down to lube my chain is amazing!

Brooke D.
Jackson, WY

Great for tailgating! Left my snowboard on my SnoStrip after coming in for the day and tailgating with my friends.

Sam W.
Mammoth, CA

Never breaking my rod in my car door again. Slamming your car door on your rod is an expensive mistake. Never again with SunStrip!

Kyle H.
Bend, OR

Peace of mind. It's great to lean my skis agains the car and gear up worry-free.

Sean O.
Salt Lake City, UT