Lot Mat

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The all-new Lot Mat is a simple solution to a common problem when it comes to changing into hiking shoes, ski/snowboard boots, waders, wetsuits etc. by keeping your feet or socks dry and off the ground.  It also doubles as a surface to protect your expensive gear from damaging pavement.

The Lot Mat is:

✅ Portable

✅ Thick and comfortable

✅ Waterproof


  • Length: 24in
  • Width: 18in
  • Thick: 1in


Made by us, for us

At RigStrips, we are a passionate bunch of skiers, boarders, bikers, anglers and hunters.

Our products enhance lot life, so we can enjoy gearing up, tailgating and packing out worry free.

These are the best days of our lives, and we plan to keep them that way.

Enhancing lot life
since 2020

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