SnoStrip | Magnetic
SnoStrip | Magnetic
SnoStrip | Magnetic
SnoStrip | Magnetic
SnoStrip | Magnetic
SnoStrip | Magnetic
SnoStrip | Magnetic
SnoStrip | Magnetic
SnoStrip | Magnetic
SnoStrip | Magnetic

SnoStrip | Magnetic

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Protect your vehicle and gear with the all-new magnetic SnoStrip™

  • Quick, hassle-free magnetic application and removal
  • Soft waterproof material separates every part of SnoStrip from car paint.
  • Tested in all-weather conditions at highway speeds


Will the magnetic SnoStrip™ stay on while I'm driving?

  • Yes! The magnetic SnoStrip ™ has been built to stay on your car at highway speeds. Make sure the SnoStrip™ is flat against the car so air cannot get underneath. (Warning: it will come off in the automated car wash!).

What are the dimensions of the magnetic SnoStrip™?

  • 16 inches long x 1.5 inches wide x 0.8 inches thick

How do I know if my car's magnetic?

  • Most cars are magnetic. There are a few exceptions though (such as corvettes or other racing cars), and if body work has been done in a specific area it may no longer be magnetic. A simple way to test if you car is magnetic is to take a refrigerator magnet and stick it to the vehicle. If the refrigerator magnet sticks, the magnetic SnoStrip™ will too.

How do I keep it from being stolen?

  • We normally keep the magnetic SnoStrip™ on our car throughout the day. Sometimes while we go skiing or we're in a parking lot we'll throw it in the trunk just in case!

Is it easy to remove?

  • Yes! Simply pull off the magnetic SnoStrip™ and the strong magnets will release

Can the SnoStrip be used for anything other than skis and snowboards?

  • Absolutely! We've used the SnoStrip ™ to lean fishing rods, paddles, hiking poles etc. against our cars without having to worry about them falling over and scratching the car paint.

Why hasn't this always been in my life?

  • We certainly wish it had been, and that's why we made it!



Wish I had this before I snapped my rod on my trunk.

Harry R.
Sun Valley, ID

Snowboard hooks are awesome. Such a great Christmas gift!

Brittany S.
Stowe, VT


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