Malo'o DryRack Fishing Rod Holder

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The Malo'o DryRack Fishing Rod Holder & Gun Rack is a versatile and convenient accessory for hunting and fishing. It's easy to use - just attach it to the side view mirror of your vehicle and use our new patented rack clips to secure your fishing poles or hunting guns.

With two different-sized clips and an included tray, the Fishing Rod Holder & Gun Rack can hold fly fishing gear, fishing accessories, hunting guns, and more. You can use the clips to hold fishing rods upright while you tie lines, flies, and hooks. For hunting, you can store an unloaded gun vertically so it won't fall over while you're getting ready. The tray provides space to hold lures, sinkers, hooks, bobbers, flies, shells, safety glasses, earplugs, and more.

This fishing accessory is a perfect addition to anyone's fly fishing gear and a convenient hunting accessory that's like an extra set of hands. Don't struggle to hold your gear while setting up anymore - use the Malo'o DryRack Fishing Rod Holder & Gun Rack to keep everything organized and secure.


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