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Introducing the TrunkGuard: The ultimate car trunk cover to protect your interior.

Engineered with the highest quality protective materials and user-friendly features, this waterproof trunk cover ensures your trunk remains secure and shielded from any wet and dirty cargo.

Key Features:

  1. Waterproof Durability: Crafted from premium waterproof materials, the TrunkGuard offers a reliable barrier against liquid spills, dirt, mud and debris. Keep your trunk clean and protected, worry-free.

  2. Effortless Installation: Say goodbye to complex installations! The TrunkGuard is designed for simplicity. Simply clip it onto the headrests of your car's rear seats, and it's ready to go. No tools or expertise required.

  3. Universal Fit: Engineered to accommodate a wide range of vehicles, the TrunkGuard offers a versatile solution for car owners. Whether you drive a sedan, SUV, or hatchback, this cover is designed to fit snugly and provide optimal coverage.

  4. Fold-out Base for Tailgating: A fold-out base will cover the back of your car to protect your clothing from coming into contact with dirt and grime on the back of your vehicle.

  5. Anti-slip base: the TrunkGuard features a rubbery material on the base in contact with the trunk floor to ensure that it will stay in place.

  6. Custom velcro security: 4 optional adhesive velcro attachments allow you to stick the TrunkGuard into any position for your vehicle.

Invest in the TrunkGuard and experience a new level of convenience and peace of mind. Safeguard your trunk against the elements, maintain cleanliness, and enjoy hassle-free organization. Upgrade your car today with this versatile and reliable trunk cover.


  • 41 in. wide
  • 44 in. deep (including 
  • 23 in. tall


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