Corduroy Cap

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ūüĒ• Upcycled¬†Corduroy Cap

‚ėĚÔłŹ One of a kind

✨ Washed and customized with RigStrips patch

Why upcycled? 

In the US, 85% of our clothes end up In landfills or burned (source: EPA).  That's a staggering number.  We didn't want to source our apparel from textile plants, which on average overproduce products by about 30-40% each season. We also don't want the lifecycle of our apparel to end this way.

That's why all of our apparel is sourced from second hand stores and patched by our staff.  This means that every piece is one of a kind, and upcycled.

Here's to looking good, and feeling good about how you're looking good. ūüćĽ




Wish I had this before I snapped my rod on my trunk.

Harry R.
Sun Valley, ID

Snowboard hooks are awesome. Such a great Christmas gift!

Brittany S.
Stowe, VT


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