Adhesive SnoStrip

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Protect your car and your gear with "The most useful bumper sticker ever"

- 4 ski grooves 

- 4 snowboard slots

- ZERO paint scratches!

- Theft proof

- Aerodynamic


Will the adhesive SnoStrip™ stay on while I'm driving?

  • Yes! The adhesive SnoStrip ™ has been built to stay on your car through any weather conditions and speeds. It will even stay on through a car wash!

What are the dimensions of the adhesive SnoStrip™?

  • 16 inches long x 1.5 inches wide x 0.8 inches thick

How do I stick it to my car?

  1. Find and clean a 1.5in wide by 16in long area on your car for SnoStrip
  2. Remove the adhesive cover on the back of the SnoStrip™
  3. Press the SnoStrip™ onto the car paint and add pressure

*Avoid sticking adhesive SnoStrip™ onto: chipped, dirty or wet paint, gas caps, windows or surfa.ces with sharp angles. Apply when SnoStrip™ is at room temperature.

Can the SnoStrip be used for anything other than skis and snowboards?

  • Absolutely! We've used the SnoStrip ™ to lean fishing rods, paddles, hiking poles etc. against our cars without having to worry about them falling over and scratching the car paint.

Is it easy to remove & will it leave residue?

  • The adhesive SnoStrip ™ can be used year round but if you want to remove it, rest assured that the adhesive will peel off leaving NO MARKS on your car